I love Neil Diamond, Lindt Chocolates and Sweet Sparkling Wine.


I love Neil Diamond, Lindt Chocolates and Sweet Sparkling Wine.


Ok, this is probably not what you want to know of me. I am supposed to tell you how wonderful I am. Well, I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to tell you how I can help you.

My glamorous life of travelling, hanging out with top business people, country ambassadors and ministers, while managing companies, contributed to my failing marriage. I was always busy. I always had something to do.

I have been a  manager for over 20 years in big corporate companies, sitting in boardrooms and making important decisions. It wasn't always sunshine and roses. My whole life rotated around my work and my success at work.

My marriage, on the other side, was not that big of a success. I filled my life with clutter, not only worldly clutter but with thoughts that didn't serve me. My biggest fear was that my marriage would have ended up in divorce, and twice we were very close to that. I was not in control of my relationship or anything that goes on at home. Physically and mentally, I was a mess.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, tired and mostly sad!

I wanted to feel loved. I wanted to be happy.

That was then


This is now.

I've decided to change my life story. I wanted to have a story that ended with the words: Happily Ever After. With the help of a marriage counsellor and his wife (who is today our dear friends), I've learned how to be a loving wife.

We've used Biblical principles as our guide:

Love each other unconditionally, be kind and forgive.

I know now how to have a wonderful marriage. I've written a book about our marriage journey to inspire others.

By resolving my relationship issues, everything else had fallen into place as well. My house is an organized haven for us as a family (we have three girls). Our financial situation is under control as we don't spend money anymore on "things" but rather on creating memories together. One of our family's trademarks is to have fun and laughs together. (Ok, the dad jokes is just killing us)

We have a family motto that guides us daily, which is displayed in our house:

Do the possible and God will do the impossible!

I want to invite you to change your family's future by doing the possible, by taking action and save your marriage and make it the most precious item you have.

Change your life story – how do you want it to end?


I want to change my life

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